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One on One Coaching:

Together we will design a relationship (yes, you get a say in the matter!) The entire and only purpose of this relationship is to serve YOU and your growth and development. This will be a safe and confidential space where you get to show up as your true self; ALL of you is welcome. While discussing the topics you wish to focus on, I will sit fully present with you, listen to you, empower you and challenge you to push yourself into new perspectives. 


We will begin with a FREE 30 minute calls to see if its a good fit for both of us. If it is, I will send you an intake form and questionnaire and we will book a 1.5 hour discovery session where we will dive deep and set the stage for our journey together and get clear about what you want to focus on. Calls can be either zoom or phone call and it's entirely up to you. 

After the initial Discovery Call, we will have regular (either every week or biweekly) 1 on 1 Coaching Calls for a minimum of 3 months. Between calls you have access to me via email or text. I will hold space for you during our entire relationship together.

Investment: I offer coaching packages from 3 months up to 1 year depending on the transformations you are seeking. Rates of coaching are based upon a whole transformation and are not hourly. Coaching Packages start at $250 USD/month. Packages will be tailored to your needs.

*** Please note that I do not want money to be a factor in your decision making process, so please feel free to reach out and message me to talk about options.


What does it look like?
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