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Is This For You?

I would encourage anyone to try coaching from wherever they are in their journey. As a coach, I will meet you where you are and support you there. I do not need to know your entire history for coaching to be a success for you. You will find that the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. I truly believe that everyone can benefit from coaching at any stage of their lives.

Coaching requires an open mind and a real desire to change. Are you willing to be vulnerable and courageous? I recognize that this requires a safe, non-judgemental atmosphere for you to be able to bring ALL of yourself forward. I have been trained in coaching that uses the WHOLE body and incorporates the somatic experience of life. I coach using the cognitive experience as well as using the infinite wisdom trapped inside our cells. During sessions we might move our bodies or use certain postures or gestures that will work towards your holistic experience and growth. 

I don't coach for a problem to be solved but a life to be lived. If you are hungry to feel more alive while you are alive, this is for you. If you are ready to identify all the ways you are holding yourself back and overcome those, this is for you. If you are hungry for more of a sense of purpose in your life, this is for you. If you are ready to discover your core values and live these day after day, going after what you really want, this is for you. If you are ready to discover the great mystery that you truly will be in awe of, this is for you!

Finding the right coach for you is vital in feeling safe and comfortable. I encourage you to take advantage of free consultations that many coaches provide (myself included) to get a feel for the relationship. 

Disclaimer: Although I have my degree in Psychology and I have spent countless hours outside of my degree studying Psychology, Emotional Intellegence and other topics related to personal development, I am not a Registered Psychologist or professional Counsellor. Coaching can and does dig deep into your psychological behaviours, however, if you are experiencing severe trauma or  in a state of severe emotional distress I would suggest consulting first with a counsellor to discuss your specific needs.

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