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One of the most valuable things you will take away from coaching is gaining conscious awareness of who you are; the knowledge of yourself and insight into your values and hidden desires that you may not have been aware of. This  leads to the ability to change not only in what you are doing but also in who you are being. 



I can, and do actually hold you accountable, but their real value is teaching you how to hold yourself accountable. Much of the value of coaching is not just during our sessions together but in between our sessions when "homework" is given. There is learning in every moment. 



I take an inside-out approach to motivation. My gentle and honest curiosity will question the way you're currently thinking so you can get authentic and sustainable results. My goal is not to motivate you, but help you discover your inner motivation so you can live your life fully awake, fully conscious and with intention. 


Most people come to coaching with an area they already know they want to focus on. Perhaps this is a certain shift needed in personal or professional life. A coach will facilitate and guide you to reach your desired goals.

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