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Hello Brave Soul!

Thank you for your courage to try something new! I am passionate about coaching and I could talk your ear off about it, but to truly learn what coaching is, you must experience it.

Ever since my life shifted dramatically through coaching, I have been dedicated to providing others with the same opportunity. Enjoy this FREE 50 minute session.

We will talk about your current goals, desires, fears and blocks. From there I will guide you through a 10 minute visualization were you will meet your most resourceful and empowered self. You will come face to face with you true nature.

After the visualization you will experience coaching and embody this version of yourself that is longing to be discovered.


The major cornerstone behind Co-Active Coaching is that each human

is naturally creative, resourceful and whole. What this means is that you

are complete just the way you are. You are not broken. You do not need to be

fixed. You are a wealth of innate wisdom and it is my honour to dig into this wisdom

and help facilitate your growth. As your coach I am not “above” you or giving you advice.

There is no hierarchy, I am your equal and I will walk beside you and use my coaching skills

to support you in your transformational journey.


I believe that we are born as an “empty cup”. Over time, our cup gets filled with ideas from our surroundings. A little bit from our family, a little bit from our culture and society, a little bit from our school and our friends. Our cup is quickly filled with ideas of what is “good” and “bad” and what we should do and shouldn’t do etc. It is hard to see who we are at our core when we are layered with ideas, beliefs and values that perhaps are not our own. I am passionate about peeling back these layers and getting clear on your core values and your the infinite potential inside of you.

I believe in coaching the whole individual and have a very holistic approach to my coaching. Everything is connected and to tap into this idea can be transformational. You might initially come to coaching with an idea of what you would like to get from it and actually end up exploring other areas of your life as well. If you are hungry to dig deep, you will be blown away with what might transform in you.

I have done my formal training with Co-Active Training Institute (formally CTI) and they are certified by the International Coaches Federation (ICF). This is the governing body of all coaches training and they follow a strict code of ethics. I believe strongly in adhering to these ethics. Feel free to check them out here:

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